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Do you travel for weddings?

Absolutely! I've been traveling my entire life & love it. I'm happy to go anywhere in the world for your celebration. Please provide details in my contact form so  I can provide you with a customized package.

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What if you haven't photographed at my venue?

That's all part of the fun! I find a lot of inspiration in each new location. It's exciting to find new spaces for unique shots. Some couples request that I do a walk-through of their venue with them ahead of time, which I'm happy to do if possible. Additionally, I've easily gotten along & built professional relationships with each vendor I've worked with, so every new face is just a new friend. 

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What if one of your wedding photography packages doesn't fit my budget?

Please still reach out! Everyone deserves to have beautiful photos of their nuptials to cherish forever. There may be a way we can work together!

Waimanalo Beach

How do you describe your style?

As a photographer, I strive to describe my style as "retro chic." For me, that means images that feel natural & not overdone, encapsulate a pinch of vintage flare, but are always timeless.

Although, I love photographing any & every wedding because my couples tend to be fun, laughing the entire day, so in love that I cry during ceremonies & toasts, my ideal client is a couple who isn't afraid to be 100% themselves. I've never been one to follow the crowd & it's what sets your wedding apart that makes it YOUR day. Creativity is where its at. 

I prefer to work with natural light, outdoors, using the elements around us. I try to keep an eye out for minimalist elements & creative shot opportunities. If you work with me, you may see my excitement over a wall. Every time I've posed a couple in front of a wall, I get the same response "I didn't understand what you were doing until I saw the picture & I LOVE it!" 

What inspires me is (well, a lot...) mid-century modern style, boutique hotels, the ocean, vegan dishes, entrepreneurial stories, everything found in travel (food, language, architecture), conversation that builds & sparks ideas, wine label designs, a complementary color palette, & vintage photographs families bust out at family reunions & 50th anniversary parties.

While editing, it's important to me to stay true to color. Skin tones, hair color, eye color - these make you, YOU & it's important to highlight this. The florals you choose, linens you select, bridesmaids dresses, shoe color - you put a lot of thought into each of these details for your big day & they deserve to be shown how you remember them, not washed out or over-saturated. 

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Why did you become a wedding photographer?

Before you read this, you should know I'm not very good at telling short stories.

I've had a camera in hand since I was about four years old. I've mostly enjoyed being behind the lens but have also spent some time in front of it - where I learned about posing, lighting, angles, & the clever way to create a stronger jaw line. 

I've always highly valued photographs. I think my photographs of friends & family are how I show my love for them. I have albums upon albums, hard drives upon hard drives, shoe boxes upon shoe boxes. When we graduated college, all my girlfriends received a photo book of our college memories together. I took a film photography class my freshman year of high school, where I developed my own black & white film in a darkroom. My grandpa was even a wedding photographer! 

Once at a friend's wedding, I was taking phone photos & the photographer said to me, "You should consider doing this professionally!" I never thought I could just become a wedding photographer, but it fully lit the fire within me. It stayed on my "dream list" for a few years while I worked to figure out how to quit my corporate job. 

Fast forward a few years later & a few weeks after meeting my now-fiance, he surprised me with my first Canon DSLR & gave me the push I needed to really get started. Friends & family were kind enough let me practice & learn with them as models. 

Now, I'm several years into being a wedding photographer & each day I wake up excited for what's to come next in this work! 

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